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Price List 2021

Vaccination How it works and how much it costs

We offer a full range of services including all travel vaccinations and antimalarials, including yellow fever vaccine, hepatitis A and B, rabies, Japanese encephalitis, meningitis ACWY, cholera, typhoid, tick-borne encephalitis, tetanus, polio and diphtheria. We also offer free sterile medical kits, advice on reducing the risk of diseases for which there are no vaccinations (such as dengue fever and Zika virus) and treatment of conditions such as travellers’ diarrhoea and altitude sickness. Our clinics are especially popular with last-minute travellers.

When you attend our clinic, we will review your previous vaccination history, medical history, the present state of health, medications and any allergies. Please keep your immunisation documents safe, ideally with your passport, for use during your travels and as a record for the future. We only recommend those vaccines that are considered most important.

The vaccinations you need will depend on a number of factors and are determined by your specific risk assessment – these factors include the country you’re visiting, the activities you will be undertaking, the length of your stay, your accommodation, your previous vaccination history and recent outbreaks in the regions of travel. Our experienced travel doctors will be able to give you specific, up-to-date information on the vaccinations and anti-malarial required for your destination and other measures needed to protect your health whilst abroad.

Yellow Fever£59 (with certificate)
Yellow Fever Certificate Duplicate£50
Hepatitis A£45
Hepatitis A/Typhoid combined £75
Hepatitis B£45
Rabies£30 (Intra-dermal)
Rabies£65 (Intra-muscular)
Japanese Encephalitis£79
Tick-borne Encephalitis£60
Meningitis Vaccine£50
Chickenpox Vaccine per dose£75
Diphtheria, Tetanus and Polio£30
MMR – £50£50 (Two doses, one month apart)
Whooping cough vaccine (PERTUSSIS)£75
Vaccine for pneumonia£75
Shingles Vaccine (ZOSTAVAX)£180
HPV vaccine
£150 / £180
Advice/Risk assessment£95

*All prices are shown per dose.


COVID-19 PCR swab test with ‘Fit To Fly Certificate’: £250

This COVID-19 PCR swab test that looks for current COVID-19 infection.

This service has a 48 hour average turnaround time and includes a ‘Fit to Fly’ certificate issued by our medical team which is a requirement to board the flight with some airlines.

Please contact us to discuss your specific travel vaccine needs.

We are passionate about travel medicine, so whether you need vaccinations or medical advice we will be happy to help.

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