Offering a full range of services including all travel vaccinations and antimalarials.



Asiana Wellbeing alongside Vaccines4U and TravelDR have launched a travel centre providing an efficient service lead by UK registered General Practitioners. We provide a full “fit to fly” service which includes all travel vaccinations and we are registered to provide “fit to fly” certificates following COVID PCR testing. The COVID PCR tests we use are UK registered and manufactured in Holland. This service can be provided within 24 hours.

The clinic is led by a team of specialist travel health doctors with full GMC Status, who have undergone postgraduate training in the field of travel medicine, to address the health needs of the increasing numbers of people travelling abroad and to generally promote a positive, healthy and safe travel experience.

We can help with last-minute travellers and the more “complex” travel health requirements of gap year students or those with other health issues, for example, the pregnant, elderly or diabetic traveller.

We pride ourselves on our patient-centered service, focusing on offering bespoke travel risk assessments aimed at reducing the risk of ill-health whilst abroad.

Please feel free to give us feedback, we welcome patient input which improves the quality of the service we offer. We want people to be well-equipped for their adventures abroad – to be smart, to travel safe and to have fun!


Certified Travel Passport

The Vaccines4U clinic will provide you with a fully certified "TRAVEL PASSPORT". This will provide you official documentation certified by one of our leading practitioners who has full GMC STATUS. 

The Passport will hold all your up to date vaccination records and your COVID-19 result status. Leaving you feeling confident that you are "FIT to FLY"

"FIT to FLY"

COVID-19 PCR swab test with ‘Fit To Fly Certificate’

This is a new requirement for some airlines from November 2020.

This IgM antibody test detects the presence of the body’s very earliest response to COVID-19 infection and is useful to identify asymptomatic individuals who could go on to spread the virus without knowing.

This test is therefore very important and welcome technological development, now being offered at the Vaccines4U clinic.

Travel Vaccines available:

We offer a full range of services including all travel vaccinations and anti-malarials, including yellow fever vaccine, hepatitis A and B, rabies, japanese encephalitis, meningitis ACWY, cholera, typhoid, tick-borne encephalitis, tetanus, polio and diptheria. Our clinics are especially popular with last-minute travellers.

When you attend our clinic, we will review your previous vaccination history, medical history, present state of health, medications and any allergies. Please keep your immunisation documents safe, ideally with your passport, for use during your travels and as a record for the future. We only recommend those vaccines that are considered most important.

The vaccinations you need will depend on a number of factors and are determined by your specific risk assessment – these factors include the country you’re visiting, the activities you will be undertaking, the length of your stay, your accommodation, your previous vaccination history and recent outbreaks in the regions of travel. Our experienced travel doctors will be able to give you specific, up-to-date information on the vaccinations and anti-malarials required for your destination and other measures needed to protect your health whilst abroad.

COVID PCR testing Results
24 Hours

This COVID-19 antigen test is perfect for people who need an immediate test result. 

Your health
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We are passionate about travel medicine, so whether you need vaccinations or medical advice we will be happy to help.

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